Exterior conceptual rendering

Design Concept

June 13, 2014

Designing a house is a big undertaking, however it provides a fantastic opportunity to examine how you live or would like to live. Below are a few conceptual images of the house we've designed with Measured Architecture to sit on our dream lot in Vancouver. The


Demo Day - March 14th/14

March 14, 2014

I hope to give a realistic timeline as part of this blog to help understand the patience it takes to undergo a new build.  We moved out more than a month prior to demo day. There are lots of details to take care of prior to the wrecking ball or backhoe arriving.


euthanizing a house

Pre-Demo process

March 03, 2014

Prior to demo there is the tedious work of disconnecting everything from the house to make it safe to take down. This included for our house removing hazardous waste.  We had exterior siding that had some asbestos content - this was  likely added over