steveston house

Contractor / Shed Custom Homes
Location / Richmond, BC
Project Type / Partial Renovation
Photographer / Joe Borrelli
Completion / 2013

Originally hired to redesign the kitchen the client grew to realize that more renovations were required to pull the house together and create a home that matched the way their family now lives.

As a key part of the renovation we redesigned a new more spacious and functional front entry with new stairs and architectural lighting. The millwork under the new walnut staircase provides ample storage for shoes, back packs and purses.  Each family member gets a "locker "(as the new high-schooler in the family called them) complete with internal drawers for mitts hats etc.   It was this clean, paneled look that set the tone for the rest of the areas to undergo renovation, such as the kitchen and family room, main floor bathroom and master ensuite. The clients really wanted a look that would not date itself quickly. We chose walnut as a theme material because it related to existing finishes that would remain and because of the depth and interest in the wood itself: not too dark or too light. Other material choices were critical to keep the interior feeling warm, for example a large format taupe travertine porcelain tile was chosen to blend in with the existing engineered hardwood floors. The kitchen island (5' x 7') and backsplash are big features and we wanted them to look and feel that way. We chose Princess white granite with a brushed and honed finish for the island and backsplash or its classic look and durability. The family rooms wenge limestone fireplace surround matches the warmth of the walnut millwork. In other areas like the bathrooms we continued with the white and walnut look but chose a classic carrera gold marble for the counters in a honed finish, which has a softer look and more wearable finish.

Although an interior planter is an unusual feature to have in a home, it was an original element that was important to the client to retain. We reduced the planter size and created a new opening in the existing slab to contain it, covering the soil with stones and added landscape lighting to enhance it.  The newly designed walnut stair with the open space under the lower section connects the planter to the entrance experience and allows it to breathe into the foyer.  The owners also felt it was important to connect with this experience from the kitchen as well so we designed an opening in the walnut pantry unit. The client hired Olla urban flower project to reinvent the planter with the clients direction.


Western Living July/August 2012